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Search by a combination of several factors including location and area of expertise to locate the quality candidates eager to be part of your success.

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Create your own EmployStrap® web app, get listed in this directory and empower your smartphone to be the most powerful job seeking tool of opportunity!

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The Employifieds are classifieds ad profiles of jobseekers. The profiles contain cover letters, resumes, references, along with all their contact information.

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About us

Image had seen enough of "job bleeding." In 2010, they began researching and developing a plan and creating software and seminars to help jobseekers overcome the job loss deficit. They focused on addressing the primary issue every potential jobseeker fails. They fail to convince those hiring that they are the candidate with the greatest reward for the least amount of risk!

Through our software and seminars, the unemployed and under-employed, especially military veterans, are empowered to leverage their hiring reward and reduce their risk using seminars, software and skills. They are also taught to harness the power of social media.

The Employifieds are built on a technology called EmployStrap®. EmployStrap® forces the user to organize their hiring and contact data into software that works on everything from a computer to a smartphone. EmployStrap® allows all this data to be sent by entering an email address turning any chance encounter, into a powerful and comprehensive first contact!

Breaking News! recently announced 'Project Destiny,' a plan to seek out and train Wounded Warriors to teach their Reward over Risk curriculum service to the unemployed across the nation. Imagine anyone sitting in a class taught by a Wounded Warrior and leaving with the idea that they can't overcome an obstacle!

Our mission

The Employifieds exist to help the unemployed and under-employed. We seek to empower them through seminars on employment, employment repair, reward over risk, mentoring, personal branding, community volunteering, social media strategies and how to leverage networking. We create software that allows each user to organize their contact and hiring information into a web-based app that makes of use the latest in internet technologies and social media. The app works on computers, laptops and smartphones.
Our service is free to the jobseeker. We are an advertiser supported business.
The Employifieds and Employstrap® are that latest evolution of the Contact Point. The Contact Point blends together the user's cover letter, resume and references, a short bio, contact information and the user's social media identities into one place. The Contact Point is designed create both a long term lasting impression, as well as an 'when opportunity knocks' tool. The ease of use makes it convenient for decision makers to quickly develop a positive long term impression. Imagine the power of networking to a user that can access all their contact and employment information in their smartphone!
We teach maximizing reward over risk. We answer the question, "Why am I not getting hired?" Most times it is just a matter of perspective. We help the user step back and develop a new perspective and then a new message. We show them how to leverage their strengths and address their weaknesses in ways that promote business and industry teamwork, address hiring concerns creatively and promote confidence. We teach them to network using social media to expand their sphere of influence. We also show them how to open previously closed doors with social media. We also teach employment repair to the long term unemployed.
We recently announced "Project Destiny," our goal to fund, seek out, identify, train and hire Wounded Warriors to teach our seminars across the country. Our goal and vision is to raise the funds and implement this program as quickly as possible. We have created the curriculum, software and business plan to make this goal a reality. Making Wounded Warriors trainers is only the first step. We also envision training them as programmers, customer service representatives, community leaders and helping them in any way we can to re-purpose their lives and honor their sacrifices. We cannot imagine a more worthwhile endeavor!

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Texas Program College Credit for Heroes Seminar Scheduled

On April 7th, 2014 Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas has invited us to present our "Leveraging Social Media for Success... Increase your Reward / Lower your Risk" Seminar on the campuses of Tarrant County College. We will be presenting 3 workshops. Session One - 9 am to 11:15 am, Session Two - 11:45 am to 1:00 pm and Session Three - 3:35 pm to 5:00 pm.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunches to the midday session. Computers, Tablets and Smartphones are encouraged and WIFI will be provided.